World AIDS Day, December 1 – Every journey counts

Scroll down to watch the video below from our new General Manager, Jaime McCoy, as she describes the role Gilead will continue to play within the HIV community.


Since our foundation, Gilead has been committed to transforming the lives of people living with HIV.

This World AIDS Day we’re reflecting on where we can still do more to stop the virus.

Gilead are the only company in HIV working extensively in prevention, treatment and cure, helping people with HIV to have lifelong health and wellbeing and prevent the further spread of HIV.

"We want to make sure no patient is left behind"

– Jaime McCoy, General Manager, Gilead Sciences, AUS & NZ

We are proud of the role we have played working together with Government to provide Australians with medications that have helped to change the HIV landscape, including:

>800 patients supplied with medicine

To date, we have been able to donate HIV medicine to over 800 Medicare-ineligible patients in Australia, ensuring all patients in need can access medication.

Top 10 industry sponsor

Out top 10 position as an industry sponsor of clinical trials in Australia continues with a long-term commitment to R&D1

$250,000 Fellowship Grant

The annual Gilead Fellowship Program provides $250,000 in research grants, in the areas of HIV, chronic viral hepatitis, haematological malignancies, inflammatory diseases, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, or invasive fungal infection.

You can view Gilead Fellowship Program application information and grant recipients for 2020 HERE.

Together Grant

This year Gilead launched the Gilead Together Grant to provide funding to community-led programs supporting people living with HIV.

For more information on applying for Gilead grants, please visit the Grant Application page on the Gilead Website HERE.

Through our continued collaboration with government, patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals and scientists, together we can stop the virus.

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